Weill Cornell Qatar Requirements

ABP helps students strengthen their English language and academic skills. However, successful completion of the ABP does not guarantee inclusion in WCM-Q. The admissions committee evaluates each student`s overall academic performance up to the time of application, including academic performance in ABP (if applicable). Further information can be found in our admission requirements. For more information and questions, please contact the WCM-Q Admissions Office at admissions@qatar-med.cornell.edu. WCMC strongly encourages applicants to study a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences, beyond the minimum admission requirements. Statistics, ethics, psychology, anthropology, sociology and management skills are particularly useful in modern medical practice. In general, CLEP exam results may not be used to meet WCMC eligibility criteria. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-Medical Program The pre-medical program at WCM-Q consists of two years. It is designed to prepare students to meet the educational requirements and rigor of the medical program of the six-year medical program. In general, courses taken online are not accepted to meet WCMC admission requirements. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis; In these cases, the candidate must demonstrate rigorous course performance. To request a deferral, an admitted student must submit a formal request letter to the Admissions Executive Committee explaining their exceptional circumstances for the deferral. The letter should be sent by e-mail to the admissions authority, admissions@qatar-med.cornell.edu which in turn submits the application to the Executive Admissions Committee for review. Yes, to be eligible for ECFMG certification, the medical school must be listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, among others. In addition, successful graduates must have successfully completed USMLE Stage 1, Stage 2 CK and Stage 2 CS. Here are the requirements to apply for admission to the six-year medical program. To learn more about eligibility requirements for the six-year medical program, click on Requirements.

Courses taken outside of the United States and Canada may be used to meet WCMC admission requirements. We encourage candidates in this situation to take additional courses in the United States. The SAT exam or ACT exam is required for all students applying to WCM-Q without exception. International Baccalaureate or A-Levels are not used as substitutes. In accordance with Cornell University guidelines, we are looking for candidates who adhere to the highest academic and personal standards and who, according to the admissions committee, are best prepared for future leadership roles in medicine. In keeping with Weill Cornell Medicine principles, we are looking for students with outstanding academic achievements who have also demonstrated exceptional initiative. Such an initiative can take the form of leadership, creativity, research, community service, motivation, or other life experiences. Integrated science courses, which include biology, chemistry, physics, and the mathematical aspects of the life sciences, can be substituted for courses in all three basic science areas on a credit hourly basis. These courses must be rigorous and competence in basic scientific content must be confirmed by achievements in other areas such as advanced science courses, research and/or MCAT results. No. It is an admissions committee policy that you cannot apply to both Weill Cornell Medical College in New York and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar in the same year. Duplicate applications will not be considered and will be withdrawn as part of the procedure.

We make no travel or accommodation arrangements and assume any associated costs. Candidates selected for an on-campus interview must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. In most cases, a candidate must pass the TOEFL or IELTS. TOEFL and IELTS can only be cancelled if one of the following criteria is met: Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) is an integral part of Weill Cornell Medical College (WCM) in New York City and therefore follows the same medical training program; The two programs are pedagogically equivalent. WCM-Q graduate students, like their New York classmates, receive a medical degree from Cornell University. Qatari nationals visiting Cornell are funded by the Government of the State of Qatar. Non-Qataris seeking financial aid can contact Qatar Foundation, which offers interest-free needs-based loans that can cover up to 100% of a student`s attendance cost, regardless of citizenship or national origin. This financial aid program is based on a family`s demonstrated need to help cover the cost of a Cornell education. Applications for financial support are available on the Qatar Foundation website. Yes, you can submit letters from others you know and assess your fitness to practise medicine, but they do not replace the required letters of recommendation (described above). We prefer letters from people you know well. Yes.

Candidates must pass the SAT reasoning test or the ACT. WCM-Q does not require candidates to take the optional test of the new SAT. Beginning with the 2016-2017 admission cycle, WCM-Q will no longer require the ACT Writing Section for applicants to the six-year medical program. Candidates who take the ACT exam must pass the English, Mathematics, Reading and Science sections of the exam. The written part of the ACT is not required. Candidates taking the SAT exam must complete the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and the Mathematics section. The attachments section of the SAT is not required. Extracurricular activitiesThe committee is very interested in meaningful participation in extracurricular activities, both on and off campus. Such participation should demonstrate commitment and commitment, which is evident over time, leadership roles and achievements.