Virtual Internship Law Uk

International law firm Pinsent Masons defends its virtual work experience program to “try a career in law before you buy it.” The program allows students to assist a hypothetical client of the firm with various questions covering different practice areas. It was designed by Pinsent Masons lawyers to reflect the type of work an articling student would do. Magic Circle`s law firm Clifford Chance recently launched a trio of virtual internships: cybersecurity, human rights in a business transaction, and climate change. You can register via the Inside Sherpa platform. The firm hopes that through these internships, potential employees will have an idea of their suitability for business law. Our virtual internship program will give you the practical skills and confidence you need as a lawyer. Through a series of simulated assignments designed directly by our lawyers, our virtual program allows you to: The U.S. commercial law firm White & Case LLP was the first U.S. law firm to allow students to participate in an extensive online articling program. The program, managed by the open-access platform InsideSherpa, provides insight into life as a trainee lawyer at White & Case. Presenting the program, Inigo Esteve, partner and director of training, points out that students who enroll in the virtual internship will work in different departments such as project finance, banking and finance and litigation.

Our virtual programs allow you to get an up-close look at the life of a lawyer and get a feel for what an apprenticeship contract at Hogan Lovells can offer. In addition, in-person internships often take place during specific weeks of the winter, spring or summer cycle, while the virtual experience allows you to register at a time that works best for you and your commitments. You do not need to apply for our virtual internship and it is available all year round. Please use Chrome or Firefox when accessing the platform. If you are global and ambitious, join our virtual tutorial here. Our virtual learning program is free, open to everyone, and you can complete it whenever it`s convenient for you. An application is not required. So what are you waiting for? Start here. On the other hand, if the virtual experience helps you realize that the law is not for you, that a particular area of expertise is not for you, or that a particular law firm is not for you, then all is not lost. These systems are developed by lawyers to replicate the actual work that a potential lawyer can do.

Therefore, at the end, you will gain a variety of transferable legal and interpersonal skills that will look great on any application or resume. Another great benefit of the virtual work experience that every company knows is the flexibility that comes with conducting your online work experience. White & Case LLP considers its virtual internship to be “self-directed” with no deadlines, allowing you to perform your tasks to the best of your ability at a pace that suits you. Pinsent Masons even recommends spreading tasks over a few days, even though each task has a recommended time. The benefit of flexibility is certainly less stress, and while personal vacation programs are also meant to help you work at a comfortable pace, being in a law firm surrounded by busy lawyers often adds extra pressure. The work-from-home experience takes that out of the equation. A very important benefit of a virtual work experience at a particular company is that it is a great way to show an initial interest or passion for the company and the work of the company. White & Case LLP, for example, points out that it recognizes the virtual internship program for job applications. Linklaters is committed to this aspect of the virtual experience. However, this does not necessarily apply to all virtual internships.

There is currently a lot of discussion in the legal industry and efforts to make the legal profession more accessible to all segments of the population. With no application process, no fees, and no preconditions, online experience programs allow anyone from any background, university, field of study, and life field to experience life in a law firm without barriers. With multiple virtual internships, no application is required. All you have to do is enroll in the program at a time when you have the free time to perform the tasks in a meaningful way. Many work experiences in law firms begin with a rigorous recruitment process with applications, interviews and assessment days. This can be incredibly stressful for students, and while the virtual work experience isn`t meant to replace vacation programs, for now, it gives you a real insight into life at a law firm and helps you decide if you want to start the recruitment process for that particular firm or if your interests lie elsewhere. Our virtual learning programme in the UK gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience by performing realistic legal tasks. It`s also a way to differentiate yourself in the application process. This virtual internship program is designed for youth aged 16 to 18, but is open to all.