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We have all the resources you need to make a seamless transition from law student to lawyer. Arizona Law ranks 6th in practical education and hosts a career development office with over 25 years of experience practicing law, and is dedicated to your success. The Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) from the University of Arizona Law is a one-year full-time or part-time degree program. MLS is designed to improve the efficiency of a wide range of professionals whose work involves regulation, negotiation or cooperation with lawyers or legal matters. Arizona Law University offers excellent legal education at a lower cost than private law schools and many public law schools, especially those of comparable quality. The University of Arizona BA in Law offers students a unique opportunity to learn from law school, complete legal internships, prepare for a legal career, or pursue law school. Improve access to justice through systems design and thinking, technology and interdisciplinary collaboration. Develop and launch concrete solutions to reform the civil justice system. University of Arizona Law offers a mix of qualities that no other school can offer: a small, world-class program at the heart of a nationally recognized university, outstanding employment results, the nation`s most global Young Women program, and the opportunity to spend your law years in Tucson, a cool and diverse city with a diverse population of nearly one million people, named by Money Magazine the #4 best city for millennials.

was appointed. The Master of Legal Studies will boost your career and provide you with basic legal knowledge. Check out our pro bono legal clinics and connect with external legal resources throughout southern Arizona. ASUA`s Office of Legal Services offers currently enrolled UArizona students free of charge half an hour of legal advice with a licensed attorney in the State of Arizona. Prepare for employment in environments where legal skills are useful, but don`t require a JD degree. MLS is for those whose current job or future career path involves legal issues, regulations, negotiations, or working with lawyers. Available part-time, full-time, on-campus and online. If you are an international student with a previous non-U.S. law degree, advanced admission gives you the benefits of a strong undergraduate education. You`ll take mandatory courses in the first year to deepen your understanding of basic concepts, and then, along with the counseling staff, choose a program of study that aligns with your professional goals. You will receive substantial credit for your non-U.S.

activities. Law clerk. Healthcare is one of the most regulated and fastest-growing industries, and legal expertise is in high demand. Our Health Law program prepares students to work in this expanding field, including bioethics, medical malpractice, and public health regulation. We do not provide legal representation in a case, which means we cannot act as a lawyer or work on your case in the long term. However, we can inform you about your legal rights and obligations, advise you, make recommendations and answer many questions. The majority of civil cases filed in Arizona state courts involve family law and juvenile law, including custody, child protection, and guardianship. Arizona Law is dedicated to training qualified lawyers who can effectively support children and families during their most critical moments.

Help innovators create the legal foundation they need to manage, protect and promote their ideas. In addition to patent, trademark and copyright law, you should take specialized courses ranging from sports law to cyber law. Opportunities include a clinic, a journal, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office School of Law certification program. We are proud to be part of the University of Arizona and to take full advantage of its rich resources, academic prowess, and campus culture. UA is a leading research university, home to Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, outstanding academics in various disciplines, and a killer basketball program. Your legal education will teach you to “think like a lawyer,” improve your analytical skills, develop better critical thinking, and gain the professional skills you need, no matter where your training takes you. If you are a University of Arizona student who needs legal advice or information, please follow here to make an appointment via our online booking system Gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to launch a successful legal career The James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona offers you more pathways to legal education and the legal profession than anyone else. We offer a wider range of degrees at lower cost to a wider range of people than any other law school in the world.

More than ever, the world needs skilled and dedicated lawyers and professionals who understand the legal landscape and are trained to tackle our biggest challenges. Will you answer the call? Since its founding in 1915, Arizona Law has offered some of the best legal education in the country. With six degree programs, on-campus and online, international partnerships, and the nation`s first and only LL.B., we offer you more opportunities to pursue an elite legal education that best suits your needs. We offer many established concentrations or can work with you to create a customized plan drawn from our wide range of law and graduate courses across the university. Arizona Department of Housing | Leading the way with solutions ( County Superior Courtwww.azcourthelp.orgwww.azlawhelp.orgPima County Court of JusticeArizona Foundation for Legal Services and Educationwww.clsaz.orgwww.sazlegalaid.orgwww.iii.orgNAIC Consumer Alert: Protect Your Property with Tenant InsuranceRent FraudPetitions for a Protection Order If you need a better foundation to work with and understand laws and regulations, or if you want to improve your career prospects by: Legal and critical thinking, MLS might be just what you need. Arizona Legal Law Writing courses are laboratories for innovative teaching techniques, including peer editing, live writing, and realistic simulations. Small class sizes allow for individual and comprehensive feedback to each student. If you are looking for information about our paraprofessional legal programs, please email The world needs effective, ethical and legal professionals. Since its founding in 1915, Arizona Law University has offered some of the best legal education in the country. And yet, we are constantly motivated to look for a better way forward. Together with our faculty, students, alumni and the legal profession, we innovate to advance legal education and the legal profession. Learn more.

Learn what it means to be unstoppable with a degree from Arizona University of Law. Explore our on-campus and online degree programs to see which one is right for you. Access everything you need, from academic calendars and course schedules to exam instructions and extensive paper requirements. Arizona is an unprecedented place to explore the impact of federal and state immigration policies.