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At first, you are just a small hole capable of capturing small garbage, grass and pieces of paper. If you bring as much as possible to the center of the earth, your radius will become larger. The classic game Assassin won a smartphone version. In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, you can play online with up to 9 people to solve a crime. There are also Raid, Omega War and Dimensional Duel modes. For those who love the thrill of online gaming, the title offers a real-time cooperative mode. Chicken Police – Paint it RED! is characterized by the aesthetics of 1940s film noir and unusual characters. The protagonists are a pair of roosters, failed detectives who return to active duty to try to unravel the greatest mystery of their careers. Unmaze emphasizes originality and creativity and uses the light sensor of the mobile phone in the gameplay. In this game, your role will be to help two young men trapped in a maze, but the mission is more complex than it seems. Throughout the process, it is possible to make random things like soup or raise rabbits. Or fend off objects to solve challenges or simply cause chaos in the city. Routes can be done on foot, by motorbike, or skateboard, and as you earn points, you can purchase new gear (or buy it with real money if you prefer).

The frenetic pace combined with the soundtrack gives the game an excessive touch. Yes, the stone, paper and scissors joke (also known as jokenpô) has gained a mobile version. JankenUP! makes competition a real battle. More than a game, Bird Alone builds a friendship between you and a solitary bird. Together you can draw, create songs and poems. There are more than 200 of them spread all over the world and at different times. Look for them in a futuristic Japan or ancient Egypt. To find them, it is not enough to search.

You have to solve puzzles to free the animals. MARVEL Future Revolution is the first open-world action RPG in the Marvel Mobile Universe. Thanks to immersive 3D graphics, it is possible to feel like heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and others. Points can be used to collect costumes for Disney and Pixar characters. You can also explore and build cities and restore iconic sites. Face bosses, explore different locations, and as you evolve, you can unlock scenarios, character skins, and more. Crash Bandicoot: On the run! is an action game developed by the same creators of Candy Crush. In this endless style of racing, you will have to dodge obstacles and jump, as well as collect weapons and skills. Get ready to take on a series of hidden challenges in Shadow Domain in one of five game modes. In Lightning War, a team of 4 heroes will face the worst Marvel villains. In Operation Space, the competition takes place between superheroes to see which one is better. Sixit is a narrative puzzle game in which you live as a mammal named Pep.

In each turn, the player only has to perform six actions to save the village where he lives from a big storm. Rogue Land is a roguelike game that uses classic RPG mechanics with the development of skills, weapons and battles. In it, you play the role of a lone hero who enters the fight against monsters sent into the world by an evil force. Puzzling Peaks EXE is a physical puzzle that requires logical thinking and quick thinking to move through different scenarios of the spherical hero Knightly. Let this ball roll with the help of an artificial intelligence guide and an administrator named Jasmine. The award includes five game-specific categories: Best Competitive Games, Best Indie Games, Best Casual Games, Best Innovative Games, and Best Tablet Games. In addition, there is a game that is elected by popular vote. In Switchcraft, your mission is to discover the mysterious disappearance of a friend. To do this, you must use your three magical abilities. When each puzzle is solved, a part of the story will be released and the more you find it, the more you will be.

To solve the case, they must collect clues and evidence and interrogate dozens of characters, all animals. The dynamic includes 30 different scenarios that can change over the course of investigations. Inked tells the story of a samurai who suffers several setbacks to save Aiko, the love of his life. In the middle of the process, you will have to deal with dangerous situations and make questionable moral decisions. In total, there are more than 60 puzzle-like challenges to solve. Northgard is a strategy game in which you live as Rig, the son of the murdered High Viking King who had his royal horn stolen. To save the throne and the reputation of his clan, the boy must face the challenges of the newly discovered continent of Northgard. In addition to Chicken Police, My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge and League of Legends: Wild Rift were also selected in this category. Keep an eye out for clues, such as: The location of the body, where each player was, what they said and other information.

As a group, you need to find out what happened. League of Legends: Wild Rift offers the same dynamic as the famous League of Legends, but is designed specifically for mobile devices. That`s why it has optimized controls and works more easily on mobile phones and tablets. The characters are their clients and, as in real life, have different personalities from each other. That is, you have to deal with dramatic, narcissistic, persistent types and try to help them in the best possible way. You can fight enemy or wild Pokémon by collecting energy from your rivals. The team that scores the most points wins. With each victory, the player receives rewards such as unlocking new characters and outfits. As in any learning process, requests will be simple at first. As you progress (in the game and in the deadlines), you have to give more complex clues. There is no shortage of originality in Donut County.

In this physical puzzle game, the player lives in the skin of a hole in the ground! Your goal is to annihilate the city by “swallowing” everything you see in front of you. For those who want to have fun playing on the smartphone, AppGeek has gathered the best Android games selected in the latest edition of the awards, divided by categories. Examine! Your friend Peter is a talking banana who kidnapped his wife and children and needs your help. Your mission will be to confront these criminals on 37 scenes and juggle action movies to strike the blows. Only one managed to stop the storm, the dragon Mitera, which has since recovered from this fierce battle. It`s up to Pep to wake him up. Ask for help and talk to other residents about how to do this. You can play individually or in teams up to 4 people. Communication with your team should be via built-in voice chat.

To survive, you need to collect weapons and supplies and, of course, eliminate enemies. At the end of the 11 levels, you must master the skills of the six clans of the game. You can play online cooperatively or competitively with up to six players. Cats in Time is probably the coldest game you`ll see today! In this game, you have to help a scientist save your cats. The careless teacher let his cats play in the lab, which activated the time machine and eventually traveled back in time. Your goal is to eradicate the origin of evil. But to get there, you`ll have to face various challenges, defeat hordes, eliminate bosses, and collect treasure from defeated enemies. Disney POP TOWN is a three-element combination game set in the magical universe of Disney.