Motorcycle Laws in Missouri

Lane sharing in Missouri or operating a motorcycle on a public transit line or between motor vehicle lanes is not expressly prohibited by Missouri law. However, lane splitting is not expressly permitted as a legal and safe manoeuvre. Only in California is there a law that allows the division of the track. Therefore, lane separation may be considered a dangerous or illegal manoeuvre, depending on the circumstances. Motorcycling is a fantastic way to enjoy Missouri`s open roads. They also offer convenient transportation in busy cities with limited parking spaces, especially in good weather. As with driving, Missouri requires motorcyclists to follow a set of rules when driving on public roads. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, Sumner Law Group, LLC has extensive knowledge of the legal requirements for riding a motorcycle on Missouri roads and highways. Our Missouri motorcycle accident attorneys can help you if you`ve been injured in an accident that wasn`t your fault. Contact our firm today for a free case evaluation.

However, these are still considered motor vehicles under Missouri state law and require a driver`s license to drive on public roads. They do not require insurance or registration with government agencies, but they must comply with all applicable motor vehicle laws. Anyone riding a motorcycle must wear a safety helmet. Unbreakable face protection is also required under Missouri law. This can be a face shield or solid glasses. 3. A person who obtains a provisional motorcycle permit and has it in his or her direct possession has the right to operate a motorcycle or motorcycle on state highways for a period of six months, and persons under sixteen years of age are subject to the following restrictions: If you are 15 and a half years old, you must complete a Motorcycle Training Course (MRTC) before you can apply for a temporary licence. Your parents or guardians must also give your consent to obtain temporary permission. All motorcycle passengers must continue to wear a helmet under this legislation. While the police don`t have the power to arrest non-helmet wearers to verify their age and insurance coverage, you could still get a ticket if you don`t meet the requirements of this law. Missouri motorcycles will be required to undergo a safety inspection beginning in January 2010, five years after they are manufactured.

For example, if you have a 2007 model, your motorcycle won`t need a safety inspection until 2013. This includes any change in motorcycle ownership. One passenger is allowed per motorcycle. This passenger needs their own seat as well as footrests. While there is no minimum age for passengers, use common sense. Young children are not safe on their backs (or anywhere else) on a motorcycle. It is not allowed to put a small child between two adults. If you ever need a motorcycle accident attorney, contact the Law Tigers team at 888-863-7216 to schedule a free case evaluation. Alcohol greatly impairs a driver`s ability to operate a motorcycle and increases the risk of injury or killing themselves or others. Driving under the influence of alcohol can severely affect your judgment, reaction time and overall ability to ride a motorcycle. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident involving a drunk driver, you may be able to get compensation. You technically do not need to take a minimum number of driving lessons before taking your full driving test, as long as you have had the license for at least 6 months.

However, lack of experience and lack of skills are factors in many motorcycle accidents, so motorcyclists should gain as much experience as possible on the safe roads around their home before leaving in bad weather or at night. Your motorcycle must contain certain essential equipment to be safe on public roads. Specifically, Missouri law states that all motorcycles must have: Before you put your motorcycle on the road, you must have sufficient motorcycle insurance coverage to protect other riders if you are at fault in an accident. Missouri requires motorcyclists to have at least the following liability insurance coverage: Once you`re 16, you can apply for a temporary motorcycle instruction license. You must pass the written category M exam, but you are not required to participate in the motorcycle training. If you do not have a driver`s licence, you must pass the written tests of categories M and F to obtain your approval. However, the motorcycle requires a Class M license in Missouri. Additional testing and certification is required for this type of license, especially if you are under 18. The requirements continue to increase as you try to obtain a license that meets the new REAL ID requirements of federal law.

Your insurance company can make sure you get adequate motorcycle coverage when you start your new policy. Some states allow motorcyclists to share lanes or ride in the same lane between stopped vehicles. While Missouri`s motorcycle laws don`t specifically prohibit lane separation, they don`t explicitly allow it either. If you`re involved in an accident, you`ll need the help of St. Louis` experienced motorcycle accident attorney to defend your rights and provide you with the compensation you deserve. Cofman Townsley`s attorneys have experience with Missouri`s motorcycle laws and can help you establish the facts of the accident and get justice in your case. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation. To protect yourself and others, do not drink alcohol or ride a motorcycle.

(3) authorize a motorcycle or motorcycle, or knowingly allow a motorcycle or motorcycle owned or controlled by the person to be driven on a highway by a person whose driver`s licence does not indicate that the person has passed the motorcycle or motorcycle driving test or has received an appropriate instruction authorization; Best Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Missouri motorcycle accident victims are lucky that motorcycle lawyer sm, Jason Waechter, is on your side. We are the motorcycle law firm that has represented perhaps more motorcycle accident clients than any other law firm in Missouri. Jason Waechter is known nationally as THE Motorcycle Lawyer sm The Missouri State Highway Patrol offers its own motorcycle guide with kids. Therefore, it is recommended that all riders continue to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. (1) Except as otherwise provided by law, it is unlawful for any person, except those expressly exempted by section 302.080, (1) to drive a vehicle on a highway in that State, unless he has a valid licence; (2) Driving a motorcycle or motorcycle on a highway in that state, unless the person has a valid licence attesting that he or she has passed an examination for the operation of a motorcycle or motorcycle in accordance with the regulations of the Director.