Are Sticker Chain Letters Legal

Regardless of the technology used to move the system forward, if mail is used at any stage of the process, it is still illegal. There are some exceptions to the law. For example, the material of a lottery organized by a U.S. state can only be sent to that state. Chains of letters asking for low-value items – such as a postcard or prescription – can be sent legally under the law, but it can be difficult to determine if they meet the threshold considered a gamble, so it`s best to avoid it. I can also use this as a learning opportunity for the 7-year-old and explain why different forms of pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including the UK and the US. Oh my God, I hate that too! Are you talking about making yourself guilty, do they own shares in the stickers or something like that?? As annoying as now you have your little one who wants you to do it, and as you say, it`s not the cost of stickers, that`s the principle! I think that answering parents that you will not participate, and then buying him and a friend stickers. There`s no way to get many, if any, back, as I`m sure other parents won`t join you either! Super post xx #sharewithme I`m thrilled to find a mom who became a mom while driving around the #mummybloggers – even if you`re away from me here in Minneapolis. (I`ve connected with mom bloggers through #ArchiveDay and now #PoCoLo and enjoy the memories it brings back to my own young children, even though I`ve never spent time in the UK.) I must say that I have always hated such chains of letters and I am particularly angry that someone includes a child in them. This is not an example of American entrepreneurship that I`m even proud of. I remember having to call the Humane Society because my son kept sending them all his pocket money because (a) puppies and kittens would die if he didn`t, and (b) otherwise they would stop sending the stickers. The Better Business Bureau, which serves the Northwest, warns against participating in chain letters like this.

I`m sorry, but it`s at best a chain of letters that at worst encourages our kids to participate in a Ponzi scheme! Am I the only one who thinks this is a very bad idea? But then do I want my child to be the one to “break the chain”? Either I would ignore it completely, or you could just randomly send a letter and sticker to 7 friends, not as a chain of letters, but as a nice surprise. You never know what might happen! I think it`s damn rude to try to involve friends and family in these stupid sticker club chain mail requests. I told my child a few weeks ago that his cousin had received something in the mail. The promise was that for our efforts to send two packs of stickers, we would then get another 36 in the “Sticker Club”. This is, of course, a classic pyramid scheme. I recognized it right away because there was one that operated from my tennis club when I was a teenager, even though there was real money at stake, not stickers. I`m also in this ridiculous situation and I don`t want to participate, but I just moved into the neighborhood and wanted to make mom friends. If I had just sent stickers and the letter to the child at number one. If I don`t have six more children to send the letter to, I`ll know if I`m leaving it at that and not saying anything. So I`m going to give stickers to #1 and #2, but I`m not going to pass on the letter. I am in Australia and my 7 year old son received exactly the same letter from a dear friend.

I used it as an opportunity to learn for him why chain letters are not good. I explained that it`s not nice to make people feel bad or guilty. He was horrified that people were sending such a letter and said he wanted nothing to do with it. I was disappointed that my friend participated in the letter and especially that it was sent directly to my son without consultation. These things also have natty nuances of care. I was further The information in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but is for educational purposes only. What is a “sticker package” ??? Is it an American thing where you buy one then in a big “package”, we can get them as a single sheet or as a small stamp. I hope the 2 children agree with my children`s discarded “leaves” that have been quite intact in their sticker collection folder for years. Right now, I`m wrong to send a bunch of stickers to the child in place #1 and also to the girlfriend of the 7-year-old who sent him the letter bl*%*y (with a note to his mother) and leave her there.

And there are other people who don`t follow the instructions correctly and don`t bother to send the book – or the money or any other gift – as stated in their invitation, causing a break in the chain. I just received letters for a sticker club AND a book club. Total grumbling here too. My son is 4 years old, so I can`t even get the stickers/books himself, which means I would be the one to buy them and then make the copies to harass our friends with requests. I also agree that I hate the journey of guilt associated with the “smile on the child`s face when opening the mail” – I know how to make my son happy, and if I want it or if he wants stickers and books, we can get them for him! No need to harass our friends to do so!!! So I emailed one of the parents in the sticker club to tell them they were sorry, but we won`t be able to do that. About to do the same with the book club! It shares the characteristics of chain letters and pyramid schemes. I just received one of those letters in the mail. Since it was addressed to my son, I thought it was family, but it wasn`t. The letter came from another relative if it was never met or known. How did they know my son`s name??? I don`t know if I`m a little panicked. I am new to the area here and I don`t know many people in my city but 2 cities alone.

I feel bad about breaking the chain, but I think I`ll just send the stickers for 2 people and break the chain. confused. Chain letters are not only illegal, but also don`t work.