Are Replica Swords Legal in Victoria

Under the Victorian Arms Control Act 1990, possession of a prohibited weapon is a criminal offence. Notice the word “possess” and not “possess” – if you carry a borrowed sword, you are in possession of it. However, an exception to the Act allows members of certain re-enactment organizations (including the SCA) to “bring to Victoria, be brought to or be sent to Victoria, issue or advertise a sword for sale, sell, buy, possess, use or transport” to “study and participate in historical or cultural events” if they are over the age of 18. If members are under the age of 18, the exemption only allows them to “possess, use or carry a sword.” There are certain conditions, especially with regard to how you should store and transport swords, but these exceptions allow activities such as rapier fights and the use of swords during court ceremonies in Victoria, provided that participants in these activities: The information on this website does not constitute legal advice. It is provided to the best of our knowledge and conviction and has been deemed correct at the time of publication. Links to other websites were current at the time of publication, but the reader should not assume that links to the legislation refer to the latest changes. If you want to know more about the legislation and your obligations, contact a lawyer. If you have any questions about how the FCC manages its obligations in Australia, email Victoria: A licence to purchase a prohibited weapon must be obtained, including a certified copy of a recent photo ID or original. This is the link to the application form for Victoria Police websites.

Crossbows, double-edged knives, laser pointers, etc. are considered a prohibited weapon. financial members of Archery Australia, ABA, Deerstalker Association or crossbow clubs are exempt from licensing. However, you must request licensing services from victoria Police in writing or by email and apply for an exemption. Please keep a copy of the VIC police response with your current membership card and photo ID. If you are a member of one of the above associations, you must be 18 years old and already be a member for 6 months before you can buy a crossbow. A licence is required for the purchase and possession of imitation and hooded weapons in Victoria. To see a list of prohibited weapons, please follow this link: Western Australia: As of September 9, 2011, crossbows are considered a prohibited weapon in Western Australia. An up-to-date prohibited gun license issued by the Washington State Police and Licensing Departments is required or an exemption from the governesses must be in possession. Slingshots are illegal in Washington State and cannot be sold. New South Wales: A licence to purchase a prohibited weapon must be presented to us, including a certified copy of a photo ID and signature. The Xbow must be sent to an authorised Xbow dealer in New South Wales, who will hand over the Xbow and act as a broker.

Slingshots are prohibited weapons in New South Wales and a licence is essential. A licence is required to purchase and possess imitation firearms in New South Wales. In terms of controlled weapons, it is not illegal to sell a piece of wood to a minor, but selling a finished club (such as an SCA fighting sword) is illegal. Rattan weapons meet the definition of a “baton or stick”, which are controlled weapons in Victoria. It is legal for anyone (under the age of 18 or older) to carry or possess a controlled weapon if they have a “legal excuse,” and the definition of a “legal excuse” includes “participation in legal sport, recreation, or entertainment.” You do NOT need to file an affidavit with the Registrar if you only use rattan weapons. You must file an affidavit with the FCC if you plan to be in possession of a sword in Victoria. Possession does not necessarily mean ownership. We cannot provide you with legal advice in this regard, and if you are concerned, you should contact a lawyer. If you only pass on a sword from one licensed owner to another, your legal risk may be low. However, if you may be asked (for example) to bring the Great Sword of the State to an event on behalf of the Crown or to bring it home afterwards, then you will definitely want to be covered in case you are stopped by an RBT with the sword in your car. As state laws change regularly, it is impossible for us to provide accurate information about the legal status of items in any state in Australia.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact your local state police department and ask them for specific information about the ownership of the items you wish to purchase. The contact details of the relevant departments of the State concerned can be found below. Globalgear is a licensed prohibited arms dealer for Victoria and a direct importer of prohibited weapons. The prohibited weapons we sell are crossbows, swords, daggers, throwing blades and laser sights (military law enforcement standard). We will ship all our products securely when the required documents are provided. All products are covered by the manufacturer`s warranty. Globalgear will not be responsible for any misuse, reckless use, unauthorized use and alteration of the weapon which will also void the warranty. Please always use your weapon safely and follow the manufacturer`s instructions. Please find below the current regulations for prohibited/dangerous weapons or look for the gun laws of your states/territories. If your state/territory is not displayed, please contact us for more information. The rules are regularly updated and may be outdated for a short time. Please check with your state/teritorial licensing department for applicable laws.

The Gun Control Act 1990 adopts the definition of a prohibited person contained in the Firearms Act 1996 (pages 20-24). This is a long list of categories of people who cannot legally own firearms (or swords) in Victoria, and members should refer to the law to confirm that none of the classes apply to them. Examples include people who have domestic violence orders or supervision orders against them. LAW: A licence to purchase a prohibited weapon must be presented to us, including a certified copy of a photo ID and an up-to-date signature. The Xbow must be sent to an ACT authorized Xbow reseller, who will hand over the Xbow and act as a broker. Slingshots are prohibited weapons in the ACT and a permit is essential. A licence is required to purchase and possess imitation weapons and hooded pistols in ACT. Queensland: A licence to purchase a dangerous item must be submitted, including a certified copy of an ID and a recent photo signature. The weapon must be handed over to a reseller under QLD license (M license) who will give you the weapon. You must provide us with the license number and contact information of the reseller. Since 2009, a permit to purchase a laser pointer/viewfinder is required. Slingshots are currently (period) available for sale without authorization.

Persons must be over 18 years of age. South Australia: A genuine reason to purchase a prohibited item must be provided, including a certified copy of a current photo ID and current membership in an archery club/archery association with current residential address or photo ID, as well as a hunting license or letter of permission to hunt on the landowner`s private property with their contact details. If you are not a member of the Archery Association or if you are not a member of an archery club or if you do not have a hunting licence, you should contact the licensing services of the southern police for more information on how to obtain a licence. Currently, there are no restrictions on the purchase of a laser viewfinder. Slingshots are a dangerous object and an exemption permit (permit) must be presented. A licence is required to purchase and possess imitation firearms in South Australia. Northern Territory: No permit is required to purchase a crossbow and laser sight. We need a copy of your current driver`s license and a current utility bill showing your current residential address.

(Period) Fronds are illegal in the Northwest Territories and are not available for sale. A licence is required to purchase and possess imtiation firearms in the Northwest Territories. In general – you must be over 18 years old to buy a lined collectible from us. Please note that you comply with local and state laws to legally purchase swords, knives, axes, etc. We are not responsible for the consequences of non-compliance The reader is invited to seek formal legal advice from qualified personnel if he believes that any of the issues discussed on this website may apply to him. The sale of a controlled or prohibited weapon to anyone under the age of 18 is illegal in Victoria. Swords and daggers are forbidden weapons in Victoria. Batons and batons (which appear to include most legal SCA weapons) are controlled weapons in Victoria. If you are unsure of your legal status regarding ownership of the items you wish to purchase, please contact the Police Licensing Services Division at 1300-651-645. You can explain what form of approval or exemption is required for the legal ownership of the items in question.

Stick or stick: A short, powerful stick made of material designed as a weapon, including the weapon commonly known as the “police nightstand.” Dagger: a sharp and pointed instrument (other than an oyster knife) that can usually be hidden on the person and – Our marshals and event stewards or gendarmes must confirm that anyone carrying a sword at a Victorian event has registered an affidavit with the Registrar.