Are Neck Knives Legal in Florida

Officer Dunning, the article talks about hidden weapons (including knives), but does not distinguish between holders of hidden firearms licenses and those who do not have a license. Can you clarify which knives are legal for the holder of a secret firearms licence? Can you have anything other than a ballistic knife as long as it is hidden, or does it have to be carried openly? Any contribution would be appreciated. I prefer not to handcuff the answer to my question. I spoke to a police officer today about children carrying knives to school, the policeman told me that as long as it is less than 3 inches, there are no legal consequences. It does not speak for the school, but for the law. The only two non-lethal weapons legally allowed on school grounds are ordinary pocket knives and less than two ounces of pepper spray. However, be sure to check with your local prescriptions and school policies before sending your child to school with these items. Hi George; There are many pens specifically designed for self-defense, and as far as we can tell, they are legal and legitimate. Here`s a great one we offer through Knifeup, but there are plenty of others too! Hello, I am 17 years old, I recently bought a knife (Buck 119) with a 6 inch blade, I want it for fishing in public spaces like jetties, beaches to clean fish and cut bait. Is it legal and does it cause me problems to have this knife with me? I will wear it on my belt with a leather sheath and I live in Miami, Florida. What about impact knives? that flat metal blade that is weighed down to throw it? Legally or not? What happens if you have a concealed firearms licence: do the same laws apply exactly? I wear a miter saw everywhere I go. Sometimes it is hidden in my underwear and sometimes I wear it open.

Is it legal for me to have a miter saw hidden in my rectum? Hi Sean; Officially, I can`t give you any information because I`m not an attorney and therefore your only actionable information should come from a Florida state attorney. However, it seems that any knife is legal when carried openly (I think people can see that you are armed and can prepare accordingly – whatever it is!). However, as in all states, a police officer can question you and take other action if they have public safety concerns. Carrying a military knife with a 7-inch blade could get you that kind of attention! That`s my 2 cents. Cheers, J. I have a USMC Kabar that I can legally open to wear on my belt Question – Does the exposed and visible clip on the side of a “tactical” backrest otherwise hidden in a front pocket and with a blade larger than 4 inches represent legal open transport? – All ballistic knives are illegal- Schools are “weapon-free zones”- All blades larger than 4 inches are ILLEGAL for CONCEALED carrying- Minors (under 18) must NEVER carry anything other than a simple pocket knife unless parents expressly allow it.- Butterfly knives worn concealed are only allowed with a valid license. I am a 15-year-old man. I often ride my bike through the city and at the grocery store, shopping mall, restaurant, etc.

I plan to get a 3` Karambit with a foldable blade (for defensive and utilitarian purposes, as I often ride on trails). I also plan to get a car soon, which can increase the need for adequate protection. If I wear it in public (closed and attached to the inside of my bag, clip visible from the outside of the bag), is it legal? Thank you! I have a son who mounts a 15-inch blade a bike in a case it`s legal Yes, it`s perfectly fine, make sure it`s not hidden, not that it`s illegal, only that it could be considered a hidden weapon or not (as mentioned above) in order to stay out of trouble, hold it with the clip to display. I have 3 throwing knives that are in a bag, the handle is 3 1/2 inches and the blade is 3 3/8 inches, I would need a permit to carry them, or don`t I have to worry? I`m 20 years old and I haven`t trusted anyone since I just moved to Florida. Balisong are legal in Florida. Your parents have a different perspective on whether you have a Balisong, even a training version. I don`t think you can buy it. Your parents can give you one. If someone else does, they have broken the law.

I recently bought a neck knife. It`s a firm grip with a blade of about 2.5 inches and a squirrel-tailed alder that fits around my finger. It fits perfectly into a leather sheath worn around the neck, and all but the edge of the set alder are visible. I bought it to walk alone at night (I`m a 20 year old woman) and had planned to keep it in my purse and carry it around my neck when I had to walk to my car at night. Does it count as a pocket knife? And can I legally walk with him around my neck on the outside of my shirt in public without permission? This is a “sustained” opening knife. I understand that every small town or county may have its own “special” local laws, but in Florida, is such support necessary to legally open the blade-type knife? Switching blades are legal and exempt from the ban. Automatic knives are currently legal in Florida, although they must be carried openly or be accompanied by a hidden weapon license. However, if the automatic knife includes ballistic knife designs or implementations, it is considered a ballistic knife and therefore it is illegal to possess, sell, buy, give or otherwise possess. I`m so excited. I came across all these things that said that a “hidden firearms licence” was just a hidden firearms licence* and did not allow knives. It must have been legislation elsewhere – F.S.A.

§ 790.06 said guns or guns and my license too! I believed this I had seen elsewhere for months and stopped looking at good built-in knives. Ha! I feel like the mandala effect is real because I`ve read this whole gun law and a lawyer explaining how you can`t get a hidden gun license for anything other than guns. must have been another state! Butterfly knives are legal to own and wear in Florida. As with most knives, any concealed carry requires a concealed weapon permit. Alwys checks your local county`s laws for the length and tyoe of the knife allowed. Also check where knives are prohibited Each county is different and some laws are strict, even beyond what state laws allow.