Are M1 Garands Legal in California

1. Have proof of U.S. citizenship 2. Proof of age 3. Proof of membership in an organization affiliated with CMP 4. Have proof of accuracy or other firearm-related activities 5. Be legally allowed to buy a gun AHHHH CALIFORNIA! The land of movie stars, beaches, exotic sports cars and the Golden Gate. A land full of opportunities and full of hardworking individuals who work hard to achieve their happiness! Well. at least that was the case, but this article does not deal with the disappearance of a once economic power, no! This is the most important aspect of all life/k/ommandos, the collection of firearms! (Woohoo).

Most of the /k/ommandos who are active in the community live outside the Golden State, and there is a lot of misinformation about what is legal, what is not, and how to get guns in California. I will try to shed light on the process involved in getting a gun in the golden state and dispel some of the rumors that people there have spread. To do this, I will focus on three main topics: the FSC, restrictions on long guns, and the infamous list of California handguns. The M1A, the M1 carabiner, the M1 Garand, all bolt actions and mini14 to name a few. Do you notice a topic here? State gun laws restrict guns that are modern or that match Hollywood`s creepy gun image. While the 10-shot restriction still applies, for these older rifles, it`s not a problem or easy to stick to. Take, for example, the M1A, an expensive rifle, but still a good weapon, it can legally maintain all its features in California, except that its magazine and can not hold more than 10 cartridges. Now let`s look at a modern rifle like the AR-15. To legally possess in California, it must NOT be registered, it must not have a pistol grip, foldable shaft, magazine release button, and even some features such as scopes are specifically restricted for this weapon as they are considered “attack functions”. To maintain all these features, it must have been registered before 2018, and if you try now, you will be beaten with a crime. Basically, the state has made the possession of these types of firearms so uncomfortable that, in my opinion, it is not even worth buying them.

For rifles, the barrel length should not be less than 16 inches, and the total length should be more than 26 inches. For shotguns, the barrel should not be less than 18 inches, and the total length should not be less than 26 inches. Hey, I live here in commifornia and I`m looking for my first rifle. I really want an M1-D Garand. The M1-D sniper variant and all associated accessories are not standard. Is it legal here? I have not found a definitive yes or no answer anywhere. CMP enclosure present background and certificate of authenticity in the foreground The key here is to follow all the instructions in the package to the letter. Make sure that all required documents are included with the order package. Page 4A is a checklist that is very useful in determining what your shipping package should include. While this step isn`t an exhaustive guide, here are some tips to help you. Specifically, the order timeline is a page that members have developed that allows potential buyers to get an idea of how long it will take them to receive their garment from the moment they are shipped.

Nice article. I live in California, they just changed one of the well-known gun shows here to a “hunting show,” I think the word is less scary for liberals. So how can you acquire one of those amazing combat rifles from before? Are you buying a dubious origin for the best dollars from a fat pawnshop? Do you buy one – again of dubious origin and authenticity – for thousands of dollars from a gun show? Of course, but the best option is undoubtedly to get it from the Civilian Shooting Program or CMP. While there are some of these steps that you`ve probably already completed if you`ve ever purchased a gun before, there are a few steps I`m happy to give some tips on. As noted by the Civilian Shooting Program (CMP), “John Garand`s rifle was the most important small arms development in the history of modern warfare. No other rifle in the history of this nation has surpassed as much as that of its opponents. Accuracy, reliability, robustness and, above all, firepower could not be achieved by any of the Axis powers during World War II. He performed with honors during World War II, in Korea and in the early days in Vietnam.

For many gun enthusiasts in the United States, they will likely only be a generation or two away from a relative who served with one of these reputable rifles. A few steps are required to qualify for the purchase of a rifle. The quick and dirty thing about it is that you: At $25.00 a year, the GCA is quick and easy to reach and a printed copy of your membership confirmation or membership card is all it takes to meet this requirement. Not to mention, the GCA has other benefits to being a member, including a great quarterly magazine that is sent to your address and is always full of awesome Garand content! If you send us an email to, we will be happy to send you a copy of our FFL shipping form by email, which you can send along with the rest of your records. Here you can explore the information and links that the CMP has created for the selection and purchase of your M1 Garand. When it comes to proof of accuracy or other firearms-related activities, there are several methods to achieve this, which the CMP lists on the authorization page linked above: Fill out the CMP shooting form to certify your remote shooting and the required shooting activity that a person can purchase from the CMP. To obtain proof of membership in a CMP affiliated organization, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do so is to join the Garand Collectors Association (GCA). Once you`ve decided which option you want to order, it`s time to fill out the paperwork. A thriving community of M1 Garand enthusiasts and collectors is widespread in the United States and even other countries.

Several shooting games are dedicated to the M1 Garand, such as the John C. Garand Match of the CMP. The CMP`s own forum has a sub-forum dedicated to all issues related to M1 Garand. It`s a great resource – check it out! Firearms Security Certificate: Violation? Or logical step? The bayonet carnation is not a prohibited function in CA. This was part of the federal AWB that expired a long time ago. “The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a national organization dedicated to education and training in the United States. Citizens in the responsible use of firearms and air rifles through firearms safety training, shooting training and competitions. The CMP is a state-licensed 501(c)(3) company that places the highest priority on serving youth through firearm safety and accuracy that promote personal growth and strengthen life skills.

This link will take you to the CMP page, where the admission requirements are described. The 93-year-old grandfather of the World War II author, who trained and wore an M1 in the European theater, demonstrated the pleasure of ejecting an M1 Garand clip. Long guns, the thing we get the most for, is honestly the most restrictive thing Californians have to deal with when it comes to buying and registering guns. If you don`t want to register your gun or switch to self-functioning, the only reasonable conventional semi-automatic rifles you can walk with are yesterday`s. In the state of California, to purchase a firearm, you must obtain a Firearms Security Certificate (now called FSC) by taking a 25-question Multiple Choice Firearms Safety Test and paying a $25 fee to the California Department of Justice. Here`s what it looks like: Accessories and accessories can be just as enjoyable to collect as the guns themselves! Yes, I think the purpose of the article was to show the types of weapons that Cuckifornia considers “scary” and now necessarily hurr durr muh likes to release The California Handgun Roster: Making it hard, not impossible. At the end of this process, you will have a beautiful M1 rifle with suitcase, clip and manual at your disposal for your hard work and the time you spend jumping through the tires. The M1 Garand is undoubtedly a timeless and incredible piece of gun history and adding any of them to your possession is unlikely to bring you a smile and hours of fun. Type II Lockbar sights added later to correct the rifle In 1945, General Patton wrote a letter about the M1 Garand at Springfield Armory.

He gave us one of the most memorable gun quotes of all time: Nicolas has been interested in guns and military history for as long as he can remember.