Are Fireworks Legal in Bexar County

It is important to know the laws and apply best practices for handling fireworks. (7) Perform a live fireworks display, including 1.3G fireworks or 1.4G fireworks as defined in NFPA 1126 for the use of fireworks in front of an immediate audience, unless the person is a licensed operator of pyrotechnic special effects and has the approval of the local fire protection officer; Under Texas law, these are the only two types of fireworks that can be banned. The use of other types of fireworks will continue to be permitted in the unincorporated Bexar County despite the dangerously dry conditions in the area. A bucket or hose of water should be kept nearby in case of a fire, Peine said, and remnants of fireworks should be collected and extinguished in a bucket of water before being thrown in the trash. SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County commissioners have issued an order restricting certain fireworks. The Bexar County Fire Marshal`s Office has uploaded a fireworks safety video to YouTube. He urges people to keep children at a safe distance, keep water nearby and not drink alcohol while setting off fireworks. 8. Sell, store, manufacture, distribute or display fireworks, except in the cases provided for in this chapter or in the rules adopted by the Commissioner under this chapter. For a fireworks safety video provided by Bexar County, see

The current ordinance concerns the use of fireworks in certain unincorporated areas of Bexar County. The use and sale of fireworks within the city limits of San Antonio continues to be prohibited by the city. Residents who have caught fireworks in San Antonio can be fined up to $2,000. The sale of fireworks is illegal within the city limits of San Antonio, but it is allowed in other areas of Bexar County. It is also illegal to use fireworks within the city limits of San Antonio. (1) light the explosion or lighting of fireworks within 600 feet of a church, hospital other than a veterinary clinic, facility, licensed day care centre or public or private elementary or secondary school, unless the person receives written permission from that body; As the county continues to dry up, the firefighter is doing what he can to prevent fires and injuries as July 4 approaches. It is recommended to keep a water pipe or bucket of water nearby and accessible if you hit fireworks. Don`t expect to buy the missiles with sticks, colloquially known as “bottle rockets,” or the finned rockets from the fireworks stalls this July 4 in Bexar County.

(6) Organize a public fireworks display containing 1.3G fireworks, unless the person is an authorized pyrotechnic operator; Bexar County commissioners have approved a temporary ban on the sale and use of two types of fireworks — with sticks and rockets with fins — until the national ban on burning is lifted or until July 18, whichever comes first. (4) lighting or firing fireworks inside or from a motor vehicle; Other fireworks can still be legally sold and used only in unincorporated areas of Bexar County. “Fires often occur after fireworks have been used,” Lopez said in a prepared statement. “The family has gone to bed and the steaming debris is igniting in the garbage can.” According to the Bexar County website, these are all restrictions with fireworks. Some of these rules may not apply to you, but when it comes to using fireworks, one person is not allowed to do so: Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff on Wednesday signed an executive order banning fireworks classified as “rockets with sticks” or “rockets with fins” in unincorporated areas of the county, according to Tom Peine, district spokesman. Within the city limits of San Antonio and some other nearby communities, the sale and firing of fireworks is prohibited. Violators arrested in San Antonio can be charged with a Class C offense and fined up to $2,000, said Joe Arrington, a spokesman for the San Antonio Fire Department. BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – It`s almost time for Independence Day and that means fireworks retail in Texas has officially reopened.