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Month: Novembre 2022

Solidarity Legal Advice

Get involved in legal and political advocacy to protect the Palestinian rights movement. Founded in 2012, Palestine Legal is an independent organization dedicated to protecting the civil and constitutional rights of people in the United States who are committed to Palestinian freedom. Palestine Legal is the only legal organization in the United States dedicated […]

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Social Distancing Requirements by State

Governor Ralph Northam issued a universal mask warrant for K-12 schools on Aug. 12. Northam has previously advised people to wear masks in public places, regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with recent CDC guidelines. Capacity and social distancing restrictions ended in Virginia on May 28. Current meeting limits: There is no limit to […]

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Smallest Legal House

In truth, the best thing you can do if you`re considering building a tiny home is to contact your local community and ask what rules, regulations, permits, or ordinances you may need to follow to build and live in your new home. The house, which is made of wood and aluminum siding, collects, cleans […]

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Sky News New Rules

While strict rules remain in place in Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced this week that restrictions would be eased on January 24. Hamza Yousef, Scotland`s health minister, said Scotland needed to “redouble its efforts” to comply with existing rules. The Met confirmed this morning that 30 additional transfers for firm fines had been […]

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Singapore Company Name Restrictions

According to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (AIDA), you should consider the following when choosing a name for your business or business. However, the Registrar will reject a proposed corporate or corporate name if the name is: The name complaint must be submitted in writing to AIDA. AIDA will then review the complaint […]

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Signing Legal Documents Witness

Testifying to a document electronically can be quick and simple. Here are the steps taken to testify before an electronic document: However, given the practical difficulties of testifying as a witness at this time, a party may question whether a witness is really necessary. There are two ways to avoid asking for a witness […]

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Should I Use Legalzoom for Trademark

As a trademark attorney, I naturally believe that my profession offers more value than a DIY service like LegalZoom or Trademarkia. I understand that new businesses want (and need) to save money. LegalZoom trademark research and other trademark services may seem like attractive alternatives to hiring an attorney. But while LegalZoom may be cheaper […]

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Shelter Legal Ending a Joint Tenancy

Advise guarantors on the extent of the guarantor`s liability in joint tenancies. If a tenancy is allocated to more than one person, the tenants hold the tenancy jointly and severally liable for rent and other expenses. A lease is an agreement in which two or more people share ownership rights to a property or […]

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Serving Legal Papers Vancouver

Reliable and professional litigation is essential to the proper functioning of our legal system. Sometimes a defendant does not know in advance that a judge can make an order against them. For example, there are times when an order must be placed in case of an emergency. For example, let`s say you lent someone […]

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